Harlow Carr LHO Internship

Landscape horticulture students at South Seattle College are invited to apply for the
foreign study program at the Royal Horticultural Society Garden—Harlow Carr in the
north of England. This opportunity is offered to students who will have completed at least
one year in the SSC Landscape Horticulture Program by the end of spring quarter.

Students can earn internship credits to apply to their Associate of Applied Science degree
in Landscape Horticulture. As volunteer garden interns, students will learn English
gardening practices from experienced horticulturists in a garden that has been described
as the “Northern jewel” (The Garden, July 2001).

If you have landed here but the opportunity does not match your program of study, then you have satisfied the application process for South Seattle College’s Foundation Scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Harlow Carr
    • How participation in the foreign study program will contribute to your academic and professional development:
    • Why you feel you would serve as a positive ambassador from SSC to RHS Harlow Carr:
    • Your objectives for pursuing this internship:
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